A Cancer Story

A Cancer Story

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In the start of August 2016 my little girl in-law Andrea revealed to her mom and me that she was told by her PCP that she had third stage disease of the uterus and third stage malignancy of the cervix. This came as a serious stun to the two of us on the grounds that Andrea was just thirty years of age.

Andrea likewise said that the specialist had additionally booked her for a pap smear for the main seven day stretch of September. Andrea realized that I had been investing a great deal of energy in the PC investigating malignancy fixes on the grounds that I have a few companions who are blasted with this illness and Andrea needed to understand what I suggested.

I’m 63 years of age and in the course of my life I have seen the media report a few distinctive malignancy fixes that were totally hushed. I accept that the clinical business gets an excess of cash-flow from the chemo medicines to at any point need to truly discover a solution for this illness that is killing all our friends and family. This possibly bodes well since how might you respond on the off chance that you were making countless dollars a year on chemo treatment, you lived in a colossal chateau behind a gated local area and you knew whether the public at any point found pretty much all the malignancy fixes accessible your cash would evaporate.

I’m flabbergasted at all the melancholy and distress these individuals have put us through so they can live in their gated networks. The huge Pharma industry is a 300 billion dollar a year industry for the most part from chemo treatment. The medical coverage industry is a trillion dollar a year industry. Consider how much cash would be saved without malignancy medicines. Any time you make the decision to put cash in front of individuals you are in danger of taking care of magnificent obligations.

A portion of the fixes that have been as of now quieted are, in 2007 divert 7 news in Los Angeles detailed that malignant growth had at long last been relieved. They announced that the specialists were taking white platelets from the patients and reproducing them in a dish and afterward infusing them back into the patients consequently restoring the disease. I heard this story just a single time on channel 7 news. I never seen or knew about any followups from that point forward.

In 2015 HBO had an extraordinary about disease. This specialist was taking T cells from helps patients and infusing them into disease patients along these lines annihilating the malignancy. This specialist said that he expected to get the patent from the FDA at some point in 2016. That never happened on the grounds that it is now 2017. He was either paid off or killed.

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